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Christmas Calypso

Christmas Calypso track (2.1 MB)

1 Let me tell you about a baby and his family,

It is written down in the Bible so you might believe.

Many men had told of his coming down through history,

Now the time had come for fulfilment of their prophecy.


And they called his name Jesus,

Jesus, the Saviour.

And they called his name Jesus,

Son of the Most High God.


2 There was once a young girl called Mary, only in her teens.

She was visited by an angel sent to Galilee.

And he told her she’d have a baby – how, she couldn’t see –

Yet it was her will to obey him, so it was agreed.


3 Well in those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree,

And so Mary went with her husband where they had to be.

There was nowhere else but a stable where they both could sleep,

It was there that she had her baby, born for you and me.