Shout Aloud

Singing for life

Sheep sheep sheep

Hello, how are you?

Hi Fine, I'm very well

And how's the wife and children?

They're doing fine as well.

Have you heard this crazy rumour?

What about that baby Jew?


I really can't believe it

I know it's true


How can you be so certain? You must be off your head!

They say he's born in Bethlehem and you haven't got there yet!

Ah but why d'you think I'm going? Its cos I know its right: I saw an apparition,

You saw an apparition?

It happened in the night,

While I was guarding sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, baa-baa, baa-baa

sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, baa-baa, baa-baa

All the world lay fast asleep,

but we were guarding sheep, sheep, sheep.

Part b:

While I was guarding sheep,

A flock of ewes and rams

their tender little lambs.

but we were guarding sheep, sheep, sheep.

So tell me how it happened, and don't give me no lies

well, I was keeping watch last night when way up in the skies

I saw this funny twinkle and though it may sound daft


I thought it was a fairy

Don't make me laugh!

I saw I'd got it wrong though, when it came closer down,

It must have been an angel, cos glory shone around

Cor! I bet you weren't half frightened

well it didn't quite connect

A visit from an angel

A visit from an angel?

is not what you expect

When you are guarding....

Tell me what the angel said

Behold I bring you tidings of great joy!

To all people?

Yes, he said a saviour's come!

Born on earth a little baby boy?

In a manger for a bed

In Bethlehem?

Thats what the angel said.

Both: And suddenly a heav'nly host praise father, son and holy ghost!

So now you've heard my story tell me do you believe its true?

It sounds a bit unlikey, but yes I think I do!

Both: Let's both go off to Bethlehem and to the Lord rejoice,

We'd better take offering

what can we take as an offering?

We haven't got much choice!

We'll have to offer....