Shout Aloud

Singing for life

Doo bi doo


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(Call) Doo-bi-doo! Doo-bi-doo!

Response) Doo-bi-doo! Doo-bi-doo!

(Call) Who’s leading this rap?

(Response) It’s you, it’s you!

(Call) Do we keep the beat?

(Response) We do, we do!

(Call) What’s in that pot?

(Response) It’s stew, it’s stew!

(Call) Here’s a plate of chips,

(Response) Let’s chew, let’s chew!

(Call) And the man in the plane,

(Response) He flew, he flew!

(Call) What’s the colour of the sky?

(Response) It’s blue, it’s blue!

(Call) What did Cinderella drop?

(Response) Her shoe, her shoe!

(Call) And Jack’s magic beans?

(Response) They grew, they grew!

(Call) Who stole the treasure?

(Response) The crew, the crew!

(Call) The pigeons on the roof:

(Response) They coo, they coo!

(Call) How about the old owl?

(Response) Twit twoo twit twoo!

(Call) And the cows in the field?

(Response) They moo, they moo!

(Call) Here’s the Tardis man

(Response) Doctor Who, Doctor Who!

(Call) Aren’t we just the best?

(Response) It’s true, it’s true!

(Call) Doo-bi-doo, Doo-bi-doo!

(Response) Doo-bi-doo! Doo-bi-doo!

(All) Doo-bi-doo!