Shout Aloud

Singing for life

Have You Heard

1) Have you heard what happened to the Son of God when he died?
The sun stopped shining and a darkness covered the sky.
They took Him down to a tomb and laid him inside.

2) On the first day early in the morning before it was light,
When Mary went there to see Him she got a surprise:
The stone that covered the tomb was rolled to the side.

Chorus: See, something very special has been happening!
Sing, glory hallelujah, He’s alive!
He has risen! 

3) Mary searched all over but the body wasn’t in sight.
When angels suddenly appeared in a dazzle of light.
They told her “Don’t be alarmed!”(‘cause she got a fright) 


 4) Then the angels said “Tell us Mary, why do you cry?”
The one you’re looking for is Jesus, crucified.
You won’t find him in a grave, ‘cause he is alive! 

 CHORUS x 2 

 5) Repeat 4